About Zinge

Zinge is a brand owned by Radon Enterprises. We are authorised dealers for CCTV Camera and security solutions providers based in Mumbai and serving all over India. We deal in products from many major brands including Dahua, Hikvision, CP Plus etc. Our products cater any set of customers viz. residential, commercial, and industrial use cases. We supply CCTV cameras of the highest quality and good performance. We list the products in our website by thoroughly analysing it. We assure you timely supply and quality of the products listed in our website. These all have the latest technology features providing the customers a lot more than security alone. We also partner with leading suppliers, and service providers, bringing innovative products, and providing dedicated installation and service facilities. We make investments to benefit our customers and communities, centering decisions on long-term strategic goals rather than the outcomes of a single financial year.

“Your Security is our highest priority”